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About Lisa Manso

Welcome to keto fit bodies

Hi! I'm Lisa Manso, founder of keto fit bodies. I create easy, healthy and delicious recipes. I create meal plans and exercise plans.


In addition to creating content for this website, I'm also the author of my first book, Keto Cookbook, currently working on my second book.

About keto fit bodies


Born and raised in South Africa and moving to Europe in the early 2000's where Lisa started learning different cuisines and has taken all her skills acquired into the Keto Health Lifestyle.

When Lisa was 16 years old she went through a traumatic experience that affected her health, she spent 9 days in hospital recovering from bullet wounds, this included an addition of 10 kg's of weight in such a short amount of time.

Through the years Lisa tried every diet, every exercise regime that was popular at that time and yet nothing was working to shed that extra weight.

It was only when she was in Italy that she discovered a Nutritionist that helped her by identifying her food intolerance which was also linked to her blood type diet.


Lisa was already on a low carb diet but it wasn't until 2018 when she found the keto lifestyle that truly changed her body. Lisa was training hard at the gym and tracking her calories consistently until her desired weight was achieved.


Lisa decided to start this journey to teach, inform and help individuals achieve their life goals. Her message 'you are what you eat' is a true reflection of her beliefs.


An Accredited Professional Nutritionist, Certified Keto Dietary & Dietary Supplements Advisor, Diet Planning & Sports Nutrition Consultant, Intermittent Fasting & Fitness Coach.

Lisa is passionate about dogs, she has a Cocker Spaniel called Charlie (female) who is 3 this year. Lisa will also educate people on pet nutrition with keto for pets.


Lisa created the idea of a one stop solution, not only with diet plans and a cook book but also a 'keto store' and sportswear.


Stay tuned with lots of information being posted daily across all of keto fit bodies' social platforms.

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