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Fresh, delicious keto cookbook for a fat burning keto diet brought to you by keto fit bodies. 

keto fit bodies cookbook includes 200 recipes together with full colour photos and helpful tips for amazing results. Inside you will find all of this and more:


  • Breakfasts: from chicken bagels to French toast
  • Lunches: from burrito zoodles to meatball stromboli
  • Dinners: from lasagna rolls to tuna casserole
  • Soups: from fish soup to Thai soup
  • Salads: from egg salad to Thai peanut salad
  • Sides: from roast potatoes to cheese & spinach bites
  • Breads: from bread to focaccia
  • Condiments: from green dressing to ketchup
  • Savoury sauces: from enchilada sauce to Thai seafood sauce
  • Sweet sauces: from custard to frosting
  • Snacks: from chocolate heaven to peppermint fudge
  • Sweet Bakery: from lemon poppy seed muffins to banana bread
  • Desserts: from tiramisu to deep dish chocolate chip cookie
  • Cakes/Pies: from cheesecake to apple pie
  • Frozen desserts: from ice cream to frozen yoghurt
  • Smoothies/cold drinks: from smoothies to pink drinks
  • Hot drinks: from hot chocolate to turmeric coffee
  • Alcoholic dessert drinks: from Irish cream to Irish coffee
  • Cocktails: from mojito to strawberry daiquiri
  • Extras: from tortilla chips to whipped cream

keto fit bodies cook book - 1st Edition 2022 by Lisa Manso

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